Noticing Overlooked Beauty

Sometimes we overlook even the most beautiful things around us.

When I drive to Mosaic Pasadena for meetings, I drive through South Pasadena – a small town in the middle of the big city.

I have often wished the 710 freeway went all the way through to Pasadena instead of stopping just south of South Pasadena even though I have to admit I love sneaking into South Pasadena to hang out at their Farmer’s Market and at their library.

Today, rather than wishing my 7 mile commute was quicker, I actually noticed the beautiful tree-lined streets. It even felt like driving into the 1950s. (The homes in Back to the Future are in South Pasadena, and Dr. Emmit Brown’s home is the Gamble House in Pasadena which is also along the way to our Pasadena offices.  I have seen the movie Nancy Drew and Desperate Housewives filming in South Pas as well.)

Ever notice something that seemed new but had been there all the time?

To see other photographs taken by Laurie Allee like the ones above, check out”Glimpses of South Pasadena“.

  • brian miller

    when life slows us down it becomes so much easier to notice… thats a pretty cool tree.

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