The 80s on Film

Now that people my age are in charge of making movies, we get to see all of our toys and cartoons come to life!  Long live the 80s in HD and with CGI!

With films like G.I. Joe (“When all else fails, we don’t”), Where the Wild Things Are, and A-Team (Liam Neeson as “Hannibal” and Bradley Cooper as “Faceman) coming soon and Transformers 2 breaking records, here are my suggestions:

I would love to see a live action version of Alf with the guy who writes and plays Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in the lead role.

I am sure we would all love Mork and Mindy: The Movie with Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks in the title roles.  Robin Williams could play Mearth formerly played by Jonathan Winters.  Wouldn’t you just love to hear Seth Rogan say “Na Nu Na Nu” with his deep chuckling voice?

The Smurfs live-action movie directed by Guy Ritchie.   The story takes place after Papa Smurf has been exiled by his people, but he is coming back for blue blood.  It could be called “Smurfin’ Thunder: Papa Smurf’s Revenge.”

What 80s toys or shows would like to see made into a movie?

Who should replace Mr. T. as “B.A.” Baracus on the A-Team?

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  • brian miller

    had not heard about the Ateam movie. too cool. really looking forward to GI Joe. I hope it is good. Was quite disappointed with Land of the Lost…loved watching it early on Saturday Mornings as a kid.

    other 80’s i remember…Bring Em Back Alive or Airwolf?

  • Dave ©

    Rob Schneider as BA.

  • Andrea

    i bet a live action he-man movie would be crazy. i’d just be wishing for some different costuming… metal briefs aren’t really what i’m into looking at.

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