Caleb’s 10th Birthday!

caleb-in-hospitalI cannot believe that my baby boy turns 10 years old today. His childhood is going way too fast!

He is our little miracle baby after surviving open heart surgery and eating through a feeding tube until he was 3 years old.  usc-caleb

Now going into 5th grade, he plays baseball and video games, loves the Dodgers and SportsCenter, and just recently decided he liked a 7th grade girl that lives down the street.

Some of my favorite recent tweets about Caleb:

Heard Caleb(9) tell our neighbor Kaylee (11) that he likes her. She didn’t respond. Later he tells me that no response=”she likes me too.”:)

caleb-july-20091Asked Caleb why he wrote “Glad I get to see all your birthdays” on Trevi’s birthday card. He said: “Because I almost died when I was a baby.” Ahhh

After subjecting Caleb to a “tickle torture hug,” I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. He said, “You.” 🙂

Teased Caleb asking if he wanted his 10th b-day party @ the puppet theater like Trevi. “No way!” he says while holding a balloon & a puppet.

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  • Johnny Laird

    Amazing! Happy Birthday, Caleb!

  • Friend

    WOW. LOVE to hear about the miracles that God continues to do. I always benefit from reminders.

  • Lucas caleb

    That’s amazing, I wish you a longer life ahead of you.

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