An Achilles Heel Used for Good

miriam-white-in-africa-crutchesA friend of mine from Mosaic just went as part of a medical team to Ghana to serve kids with disabilities.  Three days before her trip, her Achilles felt like it was about to rupture.

Here is her story:

“I was in excruciating pain, unable to weight bear through my right foot, and was given a pair of crutches….  Frustration, the inconvenience of adaptive equipment, and a loss of independence were very frustrating.  I told my mom that maybe God just wanted me to bring the crutches for someone else in Ghana. The flight 20+ hour flight was miserable…  However, as soon as our bus arrived at the school, I no longer experienced pain and was able to leave my crutches in the corner of my room for the remainder of the week.  The first day we opened the school for the community to come for evaluations, we gave away my crutches!  It was amazing and a very emotional moment for me.  This young teenager, Joseph, came to the school in need of new crutches…. The crutches were a perfect fit!”

What are some examples of bad moments that turned out for good in your life?

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  • brian miller

    very cool story eric. do you want a list? smiles. car problems become holy moments it seems. at least in my life,

  • Smeseesquaple

    Thank you championing details. It helped me in my assignment

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