Connecting with God Means Serving Others (a television interview)

Last night I had a chance to be on the show “Praise the Lord” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. (Leadership guru John Maxwell was on there as well).

Matt & Laurie Crouch interviewed me about Mosaic, Peppermint-Filled Pinatas, and how following God actually leads to serving others.

They are really great people and do a fantastic job in their interviews.

Watch my segment here (and count how many times Matt mentions I’m speaking to a world-wide audience):

[flashvideo file=”video/erictbn3.flv” /]

Watch the entire show with John Maxwell’s interview at TBN’s Video Portal here (August 13 show).

You can also watch / download on iTunes.

By the way, I love and miss both of my grandpas! When I mentioned one of them not hugging me back, instead I should have said that every time you hug someone, they always hug you back – except for Katie Lucas in the 8th grade.

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  • Patrick

    Brave man for taking on TBN – great job man. Love it. Bringin’ Mosaic to TBN, never thought I’d see the day.

  • Cheryl Russell

    Very cool interview. Nice job. :-). Thanks for posting!

  • andrew hall

    hi eric, yes very good, lost count on how many times you spoke to the world.
    but a very different emphasis about faith today.

  • Johnny Laird

    Great job, Eric!

    This was really interesting for me on a number of levels:

    1. TBN is a new name to me…do they really have a global audience?

    2. The LA chat show stylee was quite alien to me. A new experience, if you will.

    3. I was kinda surprised that the hosts felt that your emphasis on “others”, service and mission was so radical and new. You know I love Mosaic, and am hugely impacted by you guys and your ministry, but to me you’re just trying to authentically follow Jesus, rather than being new or radical for newness sake. Maybe I was just reading it wrong?

    Keep doing what you do, bro!

    Grace & peace


  • Phil

    Great interview Eric! I’m afraid I wasn’t so keen on the interviewers, they appeared more nervous than you, but it was really clear. Some of it really applicable to where I am in life just now. Thanks.

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