90 Days through the Scriptures

I have several friends doing the P90x workout program. For an intense time through the Scriptures in 90 days, Elevation and Steven Furtick in Charlotte, NC created B90x.

Zondervan’s list includes a breakdown of a plan to go through either the Old Testament or New Testament or both.

  • Dan Leisher

    Awesome! Our faith community did (ends Aug 30) this and it is really amazing to read whole books of the bible at one setting…usually we get small doses of some profound point, but to these words in context is pretty powerful in itself. I encourage anyone who wants to take the plunge to do this 90 days of reading. It’s eye opening and something I think God wants people to do…

    Some folks told me they prefer to read the bible in a chronological way rather than a Genesis to Revelation reading since the bible is organized into books of law, history, poetry, prophets rather than chronology…so that can be confusing.

    Anyway, its worth the trip to take the 90 day challenge!


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