Praying for the Firefighters

The fire just north of us in the San Gabriel Mountains has scorched over 85,000 acres.  During the day, a giant plume of smoke fills the sky as if a volcano erupted.  At night, we can see flames on the mountains which look eerily like lava flows.

We just happened to show a short film of a firefighter named Derek Miller in our gatherings at Mosaic.  Derek and his wife Laurel serve faithfully and effectively at our downtown gathering.  In addition to praying for those who have lost their homes or have been evacuated, we need to pray for the 3,000 firefighters attempting to put out this fire.  So far, two have died trying.

  • brian miller

    my grandfather was a fire fighter for years. when he passed they gave him the full honor treatment. driving passed intersections seeing them salute next to their shiny red trucks is an image cememnted in my brain from my early years. they hold a special place in my heart and always get my prayers…

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