Origins Update (via Dan Kimball)

“Origins planning meeting update” by Dan Kimball

“Got back tonight from 2 fun days in Los Angeles where some of the Origins Project leadership team met together to put some ideas into planning.

Origins is a network/community being birthed for those who are passionate about Jesus, Humanity and Innovation. So this means it is for anyone who desires to join in on the hopeful mission of people experiencing and knowing the love, and saving grace of Jesus. And using our God-given creativity and innovative thinking in this mission. You can read more on the Origins website here. As well as sign up for email updates and ongoing news and join in on the discussions already happening.

Origins Project Meeting You can see who is on the full Origins leadership team here.

(Dave Gibbons left before we took this photo here from one of the meeting times), but in these meetings were with Erwin,and Dave Gibbons and April Diaz and  Margaret Feinberg (and Leif and their toy poodle Hershey) and Josh Fox and Amena Brown and Eric Bryant and Marc McCartney and some of the NewSong and Mosaic staff joined us for one of the dinners. I was texting during the meeting with Scot McKnight who couldn’t be there because of teaching class and Mark Batterson is over in Germany.  Getting this group together is one of the craziest experiences due to everyone’s nutty schedules and travel. But we are moving ahead and got a lot done and talked about.

Some basic updates are:

Margaret and amena at Origins Project meeting – Origins festival-event – July 2010: We will be doing an event next summer (most likely in July). It will have a festival-like feel to it with lots of break out groups for connecting, music, art creating, poetry and spoken word creating and inspiration of stories and various sized meetings. Part of the event will be actual serving the community – so it will be about the gospel of Jesus being both proclamation and in deeds. We are choosing summer as we most likely will be using a college campus when school is out and there is dorm rooms, lots of open space as well as meeting areas. But as soon as we lock in our actual place we will announce dates and more details. But had such great input and ideas so this will not be just another usual type of “conference” but a festival and taking words to action. And this is not only for church “leaders” but for all those interested in this mission. Because of the nature of this “festival” vs. conference – I can envision many in the community of Vintage Faith Church going down to LA for this.

– “Listening” tour – Fall and Spring 2009-2010: We are taking the development of this seriously as we want to be listening to people who have ideas and how they envision Origins to be. It is already happening in the “community” section of the website. But this Fall we will have meetings all across the country where we will be asking questions and listening. Questions like “What would you envision this network to be like? How can it be beneficial to you? What are the issues you face on mission you would love to hear how others are facing them? We will post the schedule very soon and all we want is for you to show up, share ideas, and share together. What you share will help give further direction as this network/community develops.

– Origins at Outreach Convention in San Diego – November 3, 2009 Myself, Eric Bryant and Marlon Hall will be leading a one day workshop on evangelism as part of the Outreach Convention. But we will also be doing a “listening” meeting that same night or the next in San Diego. But if you’d like to register for this day long workshop go here.  We’ll post about the listening meeting soon and time and place.

– Regional Groups: part of this will be forming regional groups around the country who can connect for inspiration, discussion and encouragement and learning from one another. On the Origins Project website there are some regional discussions happening already. But we will be formally establishing point leaders and meeting people this Fall and Spring as we are around the country on the “listening” tour.

– A kick-off book: We discussed some really great ideas for a kick-off book which will hopefully be an inspiring one and a different approach to what a book like this normally would be. So I am writing up a basic outline for this based on our meeting and discussion.

Being in meetings like this are so incredibly invigorating and because it is what I believe the church should be about. Serving others in the world. Passionate about seeing emerging generations know the grace of God through Jesus. Not being afraid of risk and change – and so many things. Better stop. My posts are always so incredibly long. But for those that want to know that’s an update!”

For Dan’s entire post, go here.

For thoughts on Origin from sociologist, Davidson professor, and author Gerardo Marti, go here.

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  • Johnny Laird

    …such an exciting initiative, Eric!

  • green coffee

    Your posting really landed right on the head. Good work, I look forward to your next information.

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