Investing in Your Future

In the ministry world, there are so many books and conferences that it can become overwhelming.  If we aren’t careful we can bounce from one conference to the next without ever implementing anything we learn or toss them all out completely.

At the same time, creating space in our lives to hear from God and to develop our own leadership abilities remains a powerful way to invest in our own future.

With all that said, here are some great upcoming events I would highly recommend.  Some are online and free.  Others may require a plane ticket and registration cost.  Either way, we need to make sure we are investing in our future so we can invest in others more effectively.

Terra Nova (mountains outside of Los Angeles Sept. 5th-7th) – includes David Arcos, Erwin McManus, among many others.

Steve Saccone Teleseminar (free conference call on Sept. 8th) – Steve serves as the Mosaic Pasadena campus pastor and his first book Relational Intelligence: How Leaders Can Expand Their Influence Through a New Way of Being Smart comes out this month.

The Nines (free & online on Sept. 9th) – featuring Margaret Feinberg, Skye Jethani, Naeem Fazal, Anne Jackson, Nancy Beach, me, and many others.

Southeastern Leadership Forum Webcast (free & online on Sept. 10th-11th) – featuring Erwin McManus, Craig Groeschel, Dr. Henry Cloud, Patrick Lencioni, Tim Sanders and Jack Welch among others.

Margaret Feinberg Teleseminar (free conference call, registration available soon on Oct. 12th) – Q&A with speaker and author of several books including her new one called Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool, and Wild Honey.

Origins Pre-Session and National Outreach Convention (San Diego Nov. 4-6) – includes Dan Kimball, Marlon Wood, and me among many others.

Any other events (online or in person) we should know about?

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