College Football Playoffs: The Solution

On this first official college football Saturday, I thought it would be appropriate to post the solution to the college football championship.  Spread the word!

From December 2008:

After such a crazy season in which USC, Texas, and Utah could all make a case for the #1 ranking along with Florida, I had to post this one more time. Please forward to all University Presidents, NCAA officials, and of course President-Elect Obama. Here you go!

With input from the President-elect, the high number of one-loss teams, and in light of a 3 way tie in the Big Twelve South which left out Texas, a team that beat both OU and Missouri the two teams playing for the Big 12 championship: I have solved the BCS/college football debacle.  Thanks to my uncle Howard, one of the broadcasters for the USC vs. Notre Dame game, and the students in my class at Golden Gate on Tuesday, here is the solution:

Round One:  Conference Championships

The PAC 10 and Big 10 need to add teams to get to 12 so they can have a championship game.  I have a West Coast bias, but I realize it is time.  The two new PAC 10 teams could be Boise State, Utah, Fresno State, or perhaps even Hawaii.  The Big 10 already has 11 teams, and now is the time for Notre Dame to realize they don’t deserve a special relationship with the BCS or NBC.  They would be fortunate to be invited into the new Big 10.

Round Two:  Bowl Games

I love the bowl games since they give so many teams a chance to play in the postseason.  So many teams have no shot at the national championship, and just getting to 6 wins is a great accomplishment.  We could even go back to the old partnerships if we wanted to do so (Rose Bowl puts PAC 10 champion against the Big 10 champion, etc.) and play the games around Christmas and up to New Year’s day.

Round Three:  BCS Semi-Finals

After the regular season (perhaps shortened to 10 or 11 games) and the first two rounds of the playoffs, now for the first time, the computers and polls come into play to determine the top four teams.  We could even use the same schematic they are using now, but the debate becomes determining which undefeated and one-defeated teams (a fewer number after the first two rounds) belong in the top 4.  Once the BCS makes this determination, #1 plays #4 and #2 plays #3.

Round Four:  BCS Championship Game

The two winners from the semi-finals match up to meet for a true championship game!

Let President-elect Obama know I might be willing to serve on his cabinet as the National Sports Advisor as long as I can keep my office here in Los Angeles at Mosaic.

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