Steve Saccone Teleseminar Today!

Our next LIVE teleseminar will be today
September 8th from 1-2pm (PST).

I will be hosting an interview and Q&A with
Steve Saccone a Catalyst at Mosaic and
the author of the new book, Relational
Intelligence: How Leaders Can Expand Their
Influence Through a New Way of Being
. Steve also works with Gallup
Faith helping organizations put the power of
strengths and engagement to work to improve
engagement and spiritual health.

During this teleseminar we will discuss insights on effective church leadership, growth, relationship building, and more. The teleseminar is free of charge and open to anyone who would like to join in.

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Listen to previous conversations
with leaders from Catalyst (Brad Lomenick), Urban Youth Workers Institute (Larry Acosta), & The Origins Project (DanKimball, Scot McKnight, Dave Gibbons, Skye Jethani, and Mark Batterson).

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