An Article about Origins

Lilian Kwon from The Christian Post wrote an article on the Origins Project. She writes:

“There’s a new community of pastors, innovators, artists and pioneers forming.

They’re calling their network “Origins” and they have three core passions: Jesus, humanity and innovation.

Their mission is to bring together passionate Jesus followers from diverse backgrounds to dream and work together so that more people would experience the transforming love of God.

Dave Gibbons, lead pastor at Newsong Church in Irvine, Calif., describes the group as “a community of friends” who are figuring out together what God is doing.

“I think it’s a group of people coming together who are saying ‘we don’t have all the answers. We really need each other,” Batterson said this past weekend in Washington, D.C.

Batterson made clear the Origins Project is not about everybody being a part of the same thing. It’s essentially a collection of individuals who are doing what they’re doing in the context of their respective ministries. And Origins provides a platform from which they can share their ideas, support one another and innovate together….”

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