Mosaic’s Leadership Advance

At Mosaic we try to be inclusive in every arena – gatherings, small groups, service projects,, and so on.

There are a few times in which we are exclusive such as asking only those who follow Jesus to participate in the Lord’s Supper and baptism.

In addition, every week, we mention that we do not want any guest to feel an obligation to give money towards our efforts, but that giving is a natural expression of gratitude for those of us who do follow Jesus.

The only other arena where we are intentional with who can come would be Leadership Advance which is a time for us to invest, serve, refresh, and encourage our volunteer staff and some of our Mosaic Alliance leaders.

The purpose of our exclusivity remains becoming more inclusive throughout the rest of the year.

For those on volunteer staff at Mosaic, be sure to register asap!  Leadership Advance is on Sept. 26th at our Pasadena campus.

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  • Richard H

    Contrary to the wishes of many in our culture, there is no such thing as absolute inclusivity, so your approach seems eminently sensible.

  • Eric Bryant

    The 4 events I mentioned are exclusive. We are also really exclusive when it comes to who oversees the lives of others. Only those who have been mentored and commissioned through our staff process are asked to serve in that way. For more details, go to

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