I Hate Photo Enforcement!

az-speeding-ticketThe most expensive picture I’ve ever had taken of me.  Thanks to the great state of Arizona, I paid $206.50 for this lovely photo as I sped through Phoenix at 5:23pm on July 26th.

But wait there’s more!

I got another picture taken at 5:24pm for the exact same price!  Yes, that’s right – two pics for the ridiculously high price of $413.00!

For that much money, they should be in color at least!  So frustrating!  🙁

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  • Nathan Neighbour

    Check out http://www.ticketbust.com. It works great and is super legit.

  • Anna

    Sorry about that! Those miserable things are everywhere here. Just for future reference, you got about 5 miles over posted before getting flashed but you have to pay attention cause posted speed limit changes for no apparent reason throughout town on the freeways. The big talk here is the guy who owes a boatload for those picture tickets but wears a variety of masks – his favorite is the monkey one – so they can’t prove it’s him. So there’s always that option I guess :*}

  • deneen costic

    dude. you look so cool though. like Transporter.

  • scott savage

    Eric – DUDE!!! that is brutal. They are everywhere in Phoenix – especially on the 10, heading in and out of Phoenix on the LA side. I got tagged by one last summer north of Phoenix in Prescott.
    They have six months to serve you in person – if they don’t serve you in person, you are off the hook.
    This article tells the story of the guy anna referred to above and then talks about how it really works.

  • Jesse

    Great Chevy commercial though, right? Tag line, “Chevy, lookin good……..oh crap!”

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