Learning Vicariously Through Others (Jessica Jackley & Gary Hamel)

I enjoy learning vicariously through others through twitter, blogs, articles, and emails.

Here are some great insights from the Leadership Summit in August at Willow Creek:

Jessica Jackley from Kiva (via Tony Kim’s blog):

KIVA – a non-profit organization started to help load money to the needy internationally. Through small donations as little as $25, KIVA has already raised over $80 million dollars in four years alone to help resource the impoverish across the globe.

The average loan size for needy family is between $500-$600 and the percentage rate of repayment is 98.5 %

It’s not a matter of whose job it is, but who is the best person to do the job.

We believe in the power ‘co-creation’. It’s like ‘herding cats’ but who says that’s bad?

Innovation is a life giving idea. The church should have the biggest most creative ideas in the world.

There is structure and good management, but when you’re trust-based you get a lot more done.”

Gary Hamel, business consultant (via Tony Kim’s blog):

“Are you changing as fast as the world around you? Are you the vanguard or the old guard?

The world is creating a desire for the authentic. Unprecedented changes are bringing unprecedented strategies.

The future has already happened but it is unequally distributed among a few.

An Oak tree has no idea where the fertile ground is so it drops everywhere. Don’t generate one big acorn. Diverge a lot!”

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