An Unlimited Resource: Effectively Recruiting Others

Effective ministry leaders never serve alone. Leaders influence others. As a result, in order to become effective leaders, I have had to learn to recruit others to my cause, finding, motivating, and guiding those around me to serve.

Three perspectives on recruiting have transformed my ministry:

1.  We all need to serve more than our leader needs our help.

2.  We all long to serve in areas in which we excel.

3  We want to be a part of something significant.

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What has helped you become a better recruiter/mobilizer?

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  • Kevin

    There is a difference between short term recruiting and long term recruiting – in my mind. For smaller projects, I agree wih everything you said. People need to serve, they want to use their gifts and they want to do something significant. But for larger things – the change your zip code/move your family/give your life to this with either little or no pay – type of recruiting, I think one of three things has to happen. The person either needs to really believe in the vision (something a good recruiter is always celebrating – the vision) or the person needs to wholeheartedly believe in you as a leader (wants to follow you into the future) or the person needs to hear the clear voice of God. One of three is good, I hope for all three.
    The are just my musings – I’ve not had that much success with recruiting.

  • Arianna

    Well said Kevin!
    A agree with your post. Your three things are good!
    Have you ever been recruited?
    Or been involved with recruiting others?

    So many things are involved in the sharing the vision, living the vision, and bringing community to the vision.
    Thanks for sharing your input abouit short term and long term recruiting…
    It is a different avenue.

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