Unleashing Beauty Insights

Here are some insights from Unleashing Beauty!

Dave Gibbons

This economic crisis may be the new normal. How will we respond?

Local churches have focused too long on buying buildings and hiring staff.

How we navigate our suffering and pain may be our greatest success. We focus too little on a theology of suffering.

We think of success as up and to the right when Jesus went down and to the left to the cross.

Most people cannot relate to our successes but they can relate to our pain.

We don’t have all the resources necessary to help our people become the people God created us to be. We need other churches & collaboration.

We need to become more like the special forces – going in and out without being noticed.

Erwin McManus

Passion & pain are synonymous in Phil. 2. Where your pain comes from can wind up being your passion.

The more popular we are in the Christian world the less relevant we are in the real world. (In context of pastors pursuit of popularity over effective ministry).

We can’t find our meaning in the criticisms or the praises.

The church is too passive about the future and often jump on the bandwagon. The church needs to identify pioneers and give their voice more influence.

We have a culture of dishonesty where too often fame is most important.

Become students of the world, prophets of hope, engage global issues in practical ways, and create authentic community.

Homosexuals, Hindus, and the Hard to Reach: Loving and Serving People Too Often Overlooked

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