“Redefining Our Neighbor” by Justin Ihara

My friend and recent Mosaic protege graduate,  Justin Ihara recently began blogging.  He shares some great thoughts, and as you can see to the left – great pictures. 🙂

In “Redefining Our Neighbor”, Justin writes:

“Instead of framing it as, “He is my neighbor,” which implies that at some point during the week he’s going to come over and ask to borrow a hammer, a screwdriver and some salt and never give them back, maybe we can frame it as, “I am his or her neighbor,” which implies that when they come over to ask for things we eagerly respond by not only letting them borrow things but also offering to help them with whatever they are doing (Plus you can get your stuff back when you’re done. Live missionally and think strategically.)”

For the rest of the article, go here.

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