Fall Festival 2009

We hosted our annual Fall Festival at our house last night and had a great time! Halloween is big in our area. We have met more people in our neighborhood on October 31st than any other day of the year!

I have to be honest, Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday. For example, some of the more popular costumes at Trevi’s elementary school included a dead prom date, zombies, Michael Jackson, and a dead terrorist.

We used to go help with our church’s Fall Festival, but in doing so we realized we were missing a great opportunity to connect with new friends and get to know our neighbors better. We probably had 200 people come by our house with several who stayed for an extended conversation. We had a bounce house, a cotton candy machine, candy to pass out, and the doors open to play on the Wii.

This year Mosaic had a centralized event and helped fund several decentralized parties across the city, so we were able to do both.

What holidays, events, or ideas have helped you connect with your neighbors?

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