We Need Each Other! (Erwin’s Thoughts on the Church)

Some thoughts Erwin McManus shared during the “Concrete: The Stuff You Build On” series:

“Jesus didn’t die on the cross to give us more information about God but connect us directly to God.”

“The church needs a new marketing team. The church is doing so much good in the world and has done so much good. Too often we are only known for what we’ve done wrong because those who are doing good aren’t trying to make a name for themselves. ”

“We need to move from observer to an active participant.”

“One of the greatest of God’s gifts He gives us is not only Himself but He gaves us each other.”

“Too often we have a consumeristic or utilitarian view of people – looking to connect when they have use for us. The more transient and nomadic we are, the more we choose & learn to be alone.”

“Ever wanted to live in a perfect world? If we did and had a perfect r-ship with God, something would still be missing if we were alone. (ex. Adam in Garden of Eden).”

“We were created for relationships! If you are here and no one is in your inner circle, then you are missing something.”

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Be sure to check out Breathe – a fantastic journal through the Scriptures!

  • Kim Houston

    I’ve read 5 of Erwin McManus books. They have touched my heart in so many areas. I want to live for Christ, I want to be the child he created me to be, I want him to unleash his potential for my life and more than anything I want the life I live to bring glory to who God is. Please pray for God to pour His Spirit into all believers hearts and pour His glory out into the world through us. I want to be an empty vessel for him to fill with His Spirit. Help me learn, help me grow into a movement for him.

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