“The Fat Map” & Conserving Food Energy

Per capita calorie consumption on a nation by nation basis, compiled and produced by the World Food Program

Now, the day before Thanksgiving isn’t the best time for this post (or maybe it is the perfect time), but I read a compelling article by Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein about the mis-distribution of food resources and the importance of seeing food as a source of energy which needs to be used responsibly.  She writes:

“Globally we are moving to an “energy morality” with young people lobbying against wasting energy — yet there is no “food morality” even though food is organic energy.  We sit by and watch each other overeat and discard food without a thought….It is time to recognize the energy, health, and productivity losses we incur from consuming and wasting so much food.”

Read the entire article here.

In addition to providing food for those in need in your area, eating responsibly, and storing leftovers rather than throwing them out, what are some other creative ways we can become better stewards of the food resources to which we have access?

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