Avatar – Worth the Hype?

I have been curious if Avatar, the new film from James Cameron, will be worth the hype.  Two new reviews seem to indicate it will be.

Avatar is an overwhelming, immersive spectacle. The state-of-the-art 3D technology draws us in, but it is the vivid weirdness of Cameron’s luridly imagined tropical otherworld that keeps us fascinated.

Sam Rubin reports: “This is another rare example where the quality of the movie does indeed exceed the hype and “Avatar” will most certainly be among the 10 ‘Best Picture’ nominees for the Oscars; and James Cameron will also be a Best Director nominee. I think it is also possible that actress Zoe Saldana, who has the most challenging of roles in the film, may rack up an additional acting nomination as well.”

I heard someone describe the new 3D experience will be less like a flat screen with an occasional image coming towards us and more like “looking through a window into another world.”  Looking forward to it!

Do you think it will live up to the hype?

What movies are you looking forward to seeing during the upcoming holidays and Oscar season?

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  • Jorge Fusaro

    Hey Eric, stopping by to watch X-Mas…pretty funny! I also noticed your post on Avatar. I was turned off y the trailers…it looked to fake. The same happened with Narnia, but I am one of the few that didn’t like that one. Anyway, I had read mixed reviews until I hit upon Craig Detweiler’s here: http://craig.purplestateofmind.com/?p=947

    I am looking forward to it and positive it will make the hype.

    Can’t wait for Sherlock Holmes and The Book of Eli.


  • Blaine Purington

    Hello, I love the Toy Story movies, great animation!

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