We Will Miss Jakob!

Yesterday we celebrated the brief but beautiful life of Jakob Bryant. My cousin Todd and his wife Amanda created a wonderful and meaningful funeral and graveside service followed by a party at Jakob’s grandma’s house (Nani Kathi).

Jakob passed away on Dec. 15th at the age of 7 years old after fighting Leigh’s Syndrome. In the short time he lived, he brought light and hope and fun.  If only the rest of us could have such an impact!

He loved pirates, Star Wars, his family and friends, and especially his younger sister Chloe. We will all miss him greatly!

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  • Rafael

    Thank You for sharing. Lovely little boy. Jakob’s eyes remind me of my little nephew Diego’s eyes. =). Dec. 15th also marks an anniversary [my mom left us 26 years ago] My prayers for you and family. Now I can add little Jakob’s cute smiley face to the good memories bank in my Dec. 15th from here on.

  • larry boatright

    Wow… so sorry to hear about this, Eric. Thanks for sharing the pics and the words… very moving!

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