A New Year’s Resolutions For Others

A few years ago I tried to make new year’s resolutions on behalf of others.  The idea wasn’t to tell others what they needed to do in the new year (as tempting as that might be), but I decided to ask others what they hoped to accomplish in the new year so I could help them.  I hope to do this again this year in some way or another.

In addition, I have been inspired by Rickey Williams, a good friend of mine here in L.A., and one of our key leaders who also serves on the Mosaic teaching team.  Rickey made more than just a new year’s resolution, he has decided to make a major change in his life in a very bold and public way in order to inspire and encourage his students in South Los Angeles.  Rickey was chosen to run a triathlon by Dr. Sanjay Gupta while being documented by CNN.

Listen to Rickey’s pitch:

Go, Rickey, Go!

What ways could we make personal changes to help us others make progress in their own lives?

Are there ways you and I can help those closest to us accomplish their goals?

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