ServeLA Meets InvisiblePeople.TV

Do you know Mark Horvath? Or maybe you have heard about InvisblePeople.TV?

As someone who was homeless, Mark now advocates on their behalf by sharing their stories via video, on his blog, and whenever he gets a chance to talk to others. Recently, Mark was featured on CNN &!

In his bio, Mark writes: “Change only happens when we have the courage to look at ourselves and our world as it really is. When we do, we’re often brought face-to-face with pain. It’s only when we face suffering, confront it, and work to overcome it, that we experience growth.”

I was proud of our ServeLA team the other day when I noticed Mark had sent out a tweet about our team from Mosaic.

Here’s the article: We Need More Just Like ServeLA

Here’s a video with Mark and Ben Wiles:

Get to know Mark and the people he is giving a voice!

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