“Casket” Cast and Crew Revealed

I haven’t been this excited about a Super Bowl since the Seahawks were playing in it a few years ago!  One day until we get to see whether our friends’ Doritos commercial “Casket” makes it on the air!

Doritos insisted that only two people were mentioned in all of the press releases and media interviews.  They kept the focus on the executive producer (Erwin McManus) and the director (Kevin T. Willson), but as soon as the voting timeframe ended, Erwin and Kevin changed the website to make sure the world knew the names of all of the amazing people who helped create “Casket.”  (Although Erwin would often go against the Doritos plan by mentioning the name of the one who came up with idea –  Gabe Trevino).

Great job “Casket” cast and crew!  We are so proud of your work and hope to see it on the Super Bowl!

Here is the full story:

Leader and author Erwin McManus (Executive Producer of “Casket”) decided to take a shot at advertising and entered Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. After hearing about the contest from Kevin T. Willson (the Director of “Casket”), they rallied together their community from Mosaic, the church Erwin leads, to take a faithful leap into the advertising world by entering their first “create a commercial competition.”

An idea team gathered to create ideas, including Joby Harris, Nathan Scoggins, Skyler Payne, Kathy Takarabe, Jimmy Duke, Gabe and Amy Trevino, and Kevin T. Willson.

“Casket” was inspired by Gabe Trevino’s (the Writer of “Casket”) funeral experience where his deceased relative requested to be buried with a beer and cigarettes. “Casket” is a commercial where a guy stages his own funeral just to munch Doritos and watch football undisturbed – in a casket. But of course, things don’t go as planned.

The producers are Brian Roth, Dawn Asher, Brian Han, and David Groom. The cast consists of David Leo Shultz, Bradley Hasemeyer, Elizabeth Hanson, and Nick Armstrong. Brandon Lippard was the Cinematographer, Stephen Yao the editor, and Karina Becker did the sound design. The actual Casket was built by Ian Eyre and Joby Harris and 70 bags of Doritos were used inside.

Our team is excited that out of 4000 submissions, “Casket” has become a top six finalists. America has been voting and the top three with the highest votes will air during the Superbowl!

It will not be revealed which three will air until they are shown during the game, all before half-time. We are optimistic because “Casket” had the most views and most comments.

We want to express our gratitude to God as well as to our friends and family for their encouragement and for voting.

Erwin hopes that the success of this commercial will create more opportunities for people to develop their creativity and pursue their dreams.

For a listing of the full cast and crew, go here!

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  • Jorge Fusaro

    This is amazing! I did not know the “behind the scenes” story and Erwin/Mosaic’s involvement. I also hope this inspires others to pursue their creative dreams.

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