Getting Unstuck by Dave Auda

At our Mosaic paid staff training day, one of our pastors/leaders shared the three keys for getting unstuck. Here are some of the insights:

Hopeless paradigm

Personal Impotence

Hopeful Paradigm
Personal responsibility

Do you have a hopeless or hopeful paradigm?

When we encounter adversity we make assumptions and then draw conclusions which leads to beliefs, habits, and then to consequences.

We need to allow others to help us see what assumptions, conclusions, or beliefs may not be accurate to our current situation.

How have you gotten unstuck?  How have you helped others “stuck in a moment they can’t get out of?”

  • Chris Crossan

    Dave’s outline is excellent. I love the idea that a hopeful paradigm includes knowing the situation can change, and that I can do something specific to affect my future. I wish I’d been there to hear the whole presentation!

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