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Scot McKnight is a New Testament professor at North Park University, prolific blogger, author of several books including The Blue Parakeet and JesusCreed, part of the Origins Project creative team, and a Chicago Cubs fan.

Scot shared on “One Life” where he answered the question: What does the Christian Life look like when we embrace Jesus’ vision of the Kingdom? ” After a religious upbringing with a legalistic background, he encountered the Gospels and discovered that Jesus didn’t emphasize the same things his church did.

For example, we believe that the person who exercises spiritual disciplines is living the Christian life, but Jesus and His followers lived differently from how we think we should live.

So what does it look like?

“Follow me.”-Jesus

The spiritual disciplines are designed to help us love God and love people; therefore, if we truly do that, we don’t need the disciplines.

5 Characteristics of Jesus’ Understanding of the Christian Life:

1. Jesus wanted to ignite people’s imagination.  for example, He told people the Kingdom of God was here! (See Mary’s Magnicat for a fantastic description of what the Kingdom of God looks like).  He also shared parables which was His way of saying “Imagine the world like this…”

2.  A disciple of Jesus yearns for justice and works toward it.  The Lord’s prayer includes the Kingdom of heaven coming true on earth.

3.  A disciple of Jesus loves God and loves people.

4. Followers of Jesus serve the world as part of the church.  Individuals need to participate as part of the church.  Jesus created an alternative society.  We shouldn’t depend on the government to do justice, but the church is to help bring justice and love.

What do you think are some of the other ways Jesus meant for His followers to live?

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