Fuller Youth Institute

Have you heard of the Fuller Youth Institute?

Kara Powell, a new friend of mine leads the Fuller Youth Institute which exists to leverage research into resources that elevate leaders, kids, and families.

Here are some thoughts from Brad Griffin on Changing the Neighborhood:

“We also discover that we have deeper resources to address the needs of our neighbors than we have imagined.  Whether we identify a need to “speak to power” in advocacy for the poor in our city or round up resources to bring clean water to a community in Haiti, our new “address” in the heart of God opens the possibility of resources we’ve never before accessed.  When we dare move beyond powerlessness or paralysis to change what “is”, it’s possible for us to see new options for what can be by the power of the One who rules the neighborhood.  This may require a new depth of love, a new depth of sacrifice, or a new depth of identifying with the poor…but in our new neighborhood we discover that these are new acts of worship marked by joy.”

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