The Tegu Story

Many people have heard now about Blake Mycoskie from Toms Shoes (thanks in large part to those AT&T commercials).  They have a fantastic plan to help many people (when you buy a pair of shoes they give away a pair of shoes to someone in need). Blake and his team have created a profitable venture which does a lot of good.

Another person at Mosaic has started a similar venture called Tegu. Chris and Cindy (Norman) Haughey and their team began with a question “What about a for-profit business based in Honduras that would create a positive social impact through its business.”  We have sent teams from our church to serve with the churches and non-profit organizations with whom they partner.  From their website, they explain:

“That is what Tegu set out to accomplish.  If you browse our site to shop you will find several block sets that will definitely spark some creativity in the mind of a child or an adult.  You can also donate trees or donate school days.  We are doing more than just making toys, we are finding ways to help our planet.  To date we have planted 4,839 trees and donated 710 days of school.”

What creative ways have you heard of businessmen or businesswomen or those in the non-profit world have combined their career with activism in unique ways?

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