Life’s Toughest Questions by Erwin McManus

If you haven’t started listening to the Mosaic podcasts, let me encourage you to do so.  Every week the speakers challenge us and there are often dances, songs, and paintings that help point us towards the theme (at least on the videocast).

Take a listen to “Life’s Toughest Questions” where Erwin answered questions such as the following:

Does God care?

Is there a hell?

What about sex?

Is Jesus the only way?

Is Faith Nonsense?

Is God in Your Future?

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  • Mud Puppy

    I’ve found listening to Erwin talk w/ the Mosaic community a GREAT way to get through my weekend long runs!

    Appreciate all you guys do!

  • Steve

    Thanks for the heads up on the podcast from Mosaic. I will be listening!

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