Mosaic San Diego Events

Our newest campus has some great events coming up!  Know anyone in San Diego not connected to a church?  If so, send them the info below!

yelo From Derrick Miller:

The yelo Experience uses the Gallup StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and Character Matrix to help you uncover your unique strengths and talents and make your irreplaceable contribution to the world. Join us for this unrivaled experience and discover the life you are created to live!

Saturday, June 5th at Queen Bee’s Art and Cultural Center

Click HERE for more information, and click HERE to register.

Sparks – Starting in June!

Sparks are groups of people getting together 5 times in 5 weeks to take 5 risks around this question: “What’s one risk I can take this week to make my world a better place or myself a better person?

Why do a spark? Lots of reasons…But mostly because sometimes there are things we want to do that go undone. The lives we want are often times just one risk away.

For more info on Sparks check out

Email Mandy if you want to host a group or if you are interested in joining a Sparks group.

Chasing Daylight

Chasing Daylight begins Sunday, June 6!

Sundays at Mosaic San Diego


3035 Ash St

San Diego, CA

We will discuss Risk by looking at the difference between living a life of purpose and adventure, and living one of apathy and missed opportunity.

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