A Rescuer Who Needed to be Rescued…

After my talk called “Rescued,” I have been receiving some neat stories via email from people who listened to it.

Here is one sent to me by Marcus “Goodie” Goodloe, one of our Mosaic campus pastors:

According to CNN reporter Jim Kavanagh, “an Oklahoma teenager who saved a woman from raging floodwaters soon found herself fighting for her own life before being rescued with the help of a television news helicopter.Raquel Dawson, 17, of Oklahoma City was walking to work in heavy rain Monday when she spotted a woman stranded in a car as a rising river swamped a street.

“She was struggling,” Dawson told CNN affiliate KWTV. “I just have this thing where if I see someone in trouble, I have to go try and help.” Dawson told CNN’s “American Morning” that she helped the woman get to a line of trees and then set off — swimming — to find help.

Then Dawson got into trouble herself, surrounded by the rapidly rising, dangerously fast-moving water. The woman she had helped was rescued, but Dawson disappeared amid the muddy water and thick trees, and rescuers launched a frantic search for her.

The drama played out as severe thunderstorms across Oklahoma triggered flash flooding that killed a driver in Lawton and left 136 people injured and thousands without power.

“The current just got stronger and the water got deeper and I ended up going from tree to tree trying to get to the road,” she told KWTV.

Finally, after two hours, KWTV helicopter pilot Mason Dunn spotted her.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Have you ever tried to be the hero only finding yourself needing to be rescued?

Who are your heroes?

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