Relational Invasion (Steve Saccone)

Steve  SacconeRelational Invasion: Influencing People Without a Forceful Agenda

by Steve Saccone

When it comes to the impact we long to have as human beings, we must be intelligent in how we approach our relationships.

To build and develop true relational influence, we have to be invited into someone’s relational space versus what we sometimes do, which is invade someone’s relational space.

By “relational space,” I mean that invisible dynamic inside of people where they either open themselves to someone else’s advice…or resist it. For instance, if someone refuses to allow us into his “relational space,” that means he is resisting our advice. In leadership, we often don’t know exactly how to handle this interpersonal dynamic. In the process, if we are the invader of someone’s space, we break trust, lose credibility, and diminish our capacity to influence. That’s why we must learn how to navigate the space between you and another.

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Steve Saccone is author of Relational Intelligence: How Leaders Can Expand Their Influence Through a New Way of Being Smart, and he is a Leadership Catalyst at Mosaic in Los Angeles.

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