Intrinsic Motivations: Autonomy or Community?

I’ve been reading a fascinating book by Dan Pink called DriveTony Morgan includes a brief description and posted this unique video on the topic of intrinsic motivation:

“Are you using performance-based pay to motivate your staff? Better think again. That pay system may actually be demotivating your team.

In this clever 10-minute video, Dan Pink explains what drives us. The answers may change the way you approach leading your team…and how you pay them.”

Notice how similar these three intrinsic needs are to the ones Erwin emphasizes that point us towards God in his book Soul Cravings. “Purpose” connects to “Meaning” or “Believing.” “Mastery” connects to “Progress” or “Becoming.”

Ironically, the third intrinsic need appears at first to be opposed to each other: “Autonomy” as opposed to “Community” or “Belonging.” On second look though, all of the examples in the book include businesses that include autonomy as part of their community. The book doesn’t discuss lone rangers out on their own, but the importance of creating autonomy within your community.

The question to consider: how well does your company, church, or ministry do at creating opportunities for purpose, mastery, and autonomy?

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