“Not Like Me” Blog Tour (Johnny Laird)

Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse Community is here!

Want to join the blog tour? If so,  If you would like to participate, contact Belinda at belinda@mosaic.org for more details. Those chosen will receive a free copy of Not Like Me! There are only a few dates still available, so email Belinda today!

Want to go through Not Like Me as a sermon series or with your small groups? If so, go to the new NotLikeMe.org site!

Johnny Laird from the U.K. kicks off the Blog Tour:

I am delighted to discover that Eric Bryant’s excellent book Peppermint Filled Piñatas is being completely reworked for a new launch by Zondervan this summer.

PFP’s new title will be Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World

Not Like Me: “…helps people of faith effectively love, serve, and reach people overlooked by the Church”

This is not a dry academic book, but at times moving, funny, inspiring….and just plain real. I love it! That’s why my original PFP copy has been bounced around a number of my friends and family. Sorry, Eric – I know everyone should have bought their own!

There are a number of changes to the first version of the book; the addition of practical application pointer chapters from a multiplicity of outstanding guest contributors is illustrative of the kind of diversity Eric explores in the book.

No doubt there are lessons to be learned in the increasingly diverse and culturally fluid West.

Eric is well placed to write on the subject, as a key member of the leadership team at Mosaic in Los Angeles, a community of faith based in one of the most vibrant and diverse places on the planet and known the World over for it’s ahead of the curve creativity.

On top of all that, he’s a thoroughly decent guy with a heart for the “other”.

…looking forward to seeing it in this recalibrated edition.

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