If Jesus asked you what you wanted…

Mark 10:51-52 includes a story of Jesus’ interaction with a blind man who was calling out to get His attention (even though others told the blind man not to do so).

What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him. The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.” “Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.”

How would you answer that question from Jesus?

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  • Alex V

    If I came face to face with my Savior and he asked me what I wanted, I couldn’t ask for anything for myself. It would seem entirely too selfish. I would even feel guilty asking for favor on my children or family. Is that good or bad? And on closer examination of the question and my reply, I don’t even think I could look at Him “face to face” because of my own shame of not being a better christian or person for that matter. I know He will forgive us if we ask him, but can we forgive ourselves? That’s something I know I struggle with.

  • Eric Bryant

    Great thoughts, Alex! What you expressed with such honesty is one of the main reasons I like the passage. The blind man shows such initiative and courage in spite of the pressure he was feeling from people telling him to stop trying to get Jesus’ attention.

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