Where Were You On 9/11?

I cannot help but remember the tragic events that unfolded on this day 9 years ago.  Sharing where we were, what we were doing, and how we responded seems to be the most common way we work through the pain of that day.  As I know you must be, I still pray for those who lost loved ones on that day, for the families who have lost sons and daughters in the ensuing wars since that day, and for those who have serve or are serving overseas as a result of that day.

My kids are too young to remember this day. They will never know what life was like before that day.

Where were you on 9/11?

I was leaving the gym when the first plane hit the first building. I saw the smoke on the news and assumed it was an accident.

Once I got home and checked my email, I thought someone had hacked into the CNN website because I kept receiving these email news updates that made no sense. Another plan hit the Pentagon. Another plane hit the 2nd tower.

I woke Debbie up once I turned on the TV & discovered it was all too real.

8 days later we flew from LA to JFK on an American Airlines flight. We went through with our plans to meet with a group about the possibility of starting a Mosaic in Manhattan. Before the meeting we walked the streets of Manhattan where there were signs of people missing posted on every pole and every fence. American flags were everywhere.

So much has happened since then.  Innocence was lost.  Wars have ensued.  The economy has been damaged.

Even still, where were you when the world changed? Where were you on 9/11?

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