Adventures at Mosaic Chattanooga

Mosaic Chattanooga has been experiencing some remarkable challenges and breakthroughs. In addition to a new project where they make burlap bags and sell them to raise money for an orphanage in Mexico (check out, Tim sent the following update:

“The last weekend of August in 2009 last year our Sunday paper’s front page read “Mayor Vows to Close Mosaic” . It’s now the last weekend in August 2010 exactly one year later and the front page paper on Sunday is going to read “Mayor Has Been Recalled”. Over 15,000 people signed a petition to recall the Mayor and it all begin with Mosaic. There were other issues such as taxes, over spending, but it really began with us. I have refused any of the petitions to be placed at Mosaic or any outreach activities we are connected with. I even publicly refused to sign the petition myself as an example that Mosaic does not want to be involved with politics. The Mayor has not put his mouth on us since last September and of-course his attempt to shut us down has failed. Be praying for Mayor Littlefield and his church that believes we are the antichrist. I’ve tried to reach out to them numerous ways but had no success. We have tripled in size since all the news coverage last year and have seen our urban youth ministry baptize 342 kids this summer. It was our urban youth ministry and night club outreach that was the main controversy. Thank you guys for your prayers!”

Tim Reid

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What have been some of your adventures in church planting?  I would love to share your story as well!

  • Howard in San Diego

    I Double LOVE the fact that the pastor refused to get into the mud…..I wish there was a mosaic in every city!

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