Insights from Daniel Pink at Catalyst

Daniel Pink shared some great insights at Catalyst today! Here are some highlights:

With mechanical skills, a larger reward leads to higher results, but once the task called for “even rudimentary cognitive skill” a larger reward “led to poorer performance.”

Carrot & stick motivators do not work.

Money is a motivator. We must be fair. Once a person is paid enough, additional money doesn’t add much motivation.

3 Motivators:

Autonomy – management is a technology for organizing people into productive capacity created in the 1850s. Designed to get compliance. It’s outdated! What we want is engagement! (Ex. 20% time) Results Only Work Environment

Mastery – feedback needed for mastery. Annual reviews don’t work since so seldom.

Instead “Do-It-Yourself” Performance Reviews – make goals at beginning of the month and then check status at end of the month. We cannot outsource performance reviews to those with oversight.

Purpose – there are limits to the profit motive. Profit isn’t the only thing. Profit alone is insufficient. Connect profit and purpose.

What’s my sentence? How do I distill what I’m about into a sentence?

Was I better today than yesterday? Rarely is the answer ever “no” 2 days in a row.”

Read more about Daniel Pink here .

What do you think about this “new” way of motivating others?

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