Insights from Seth Godin at Catalyst

Here are some excerpts from Seth Godin’s talk yesterday at Catalyst:

“Factories led to schools. Factories needed more people so schools were created by Andrew Carnegie. Trained to be obedient and buy stuff. We all think of buildings as success. Instead, we need to teach our kids how to solve interesting problems!

Too often work is like bowling – avoiding the gutter ball but best we can do is only a strike.

A new revolution is destroying the industrial revolution. All that’s left is to make a difference – to do something that others will miss if you stop doing it. It is a connectivity revolution. You win when more connected.

Tribes are at the heart of how ideas spread. People don’t join boring tribes. Create a movement. Some people will hate it. Some people will talk about it. Apple created a movement not a product. Boring, beauracratic, compliant don’t work!

You can’t be a genius if you have a boss telling you what to do all day. You have to figure it out yourself.

Art is a human act that changes someone, and it is generous. Art is emotional labor and worth doing. We need original thinkers and linchpins. We need people to make change even if it means failing in the short run.

A connection economy works when we help people connect with each other. Courage, fear, and generosity – which words fill my mind each morning?

Thinking for ourselves is hard – but worth it.

The more change we make, the more people are willing to join us.

How tight is our tribe? Would they miss me if I was gone?

“I’d love to fail often, but my boss won’t let me.” That isn’t a good excuse. Change is made by people who eagerly accept responsibility. Too often people allow deniability to be their motivation. Change is not made by those who look to make sure they don’t take the blame. Give your boss credit! Change is the goal – not getting credit for the change.

Last year deer killed more people than sharks – by a lot! We fear sharks and not deer. Why did the chicken cross the road? B/c it has a “lizard brain” only. We have a lizard brain within our human brain. The lizard brain is the resistance. It fills our minds with fear and avoidance. The resistance is the enemy!

Move from scarcity to abundance!

Do you realize how many people dream to have the platform I have?! I have a platform for my art. Do not waste this opportunity! Hurry!”

What are some of your favorite insights?

How can we take more responsibility for bringing change to the world?

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  • Jack Fussell

    Great quotes…he’s one of my favorite authors/speakers right now. Hope you’re enjoying Catalyst.

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