The Character Matrix

Yesterday I had a chance to share about the Character Matrix at Yelo, an event we do at Mosaic to help people discover their uniqueness.  I first learned of the Character Matrix when Matt Burtch wrote it out on a scrap piece of paper for me in 1996.  Now the principles have been explained in a book called Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul by Erwin McManus (which is now on the Kindle).  Below is a re-post of some these transformational principles as presented in a workshop called “Moving People from Brokenness to Wholeness.”

Listen to the Audio from a Teleseminar Here

One of the three journeys moves us from Pride to Courage:

Pride (thinking about yourself)

Humility (committed to follow and serve)

Integrity (able to be trusted with followers)

Courage (not the absence of fear but the absence of self)

During the teleseminar I mentioned the “Elemental Survey.  Take a look: elemental-survey.pdf

What are some of your favorite books on life-transformation?

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