Proof of Life: The World Test

Erwin continues to share some great messages as part of the “Proof of Life” series at Mosaic. Here are some highlights from 1 John 2:15-17 this past Sunday:

“We coexist in two different worlds.

There is a momentum of human history that would create a future without God and one that would create a future based on God’s imagination.

Who do we want to become?

We have endless voices telling us who we should become. We wear costumes every single day. We need to shake ourselves from all of the expectations of others in order to become the person who God wants us to become.

We were designed to be unique and original (not a clone). We want so badly to be accepted and loved by others that we give in to the pressure. We give up ourselves and our soul when we give in to the world.

Religion has been held in disdain because of the pressure to conform. The world does the same!  Jesus came to liberate us from both!

We can only be manipulated by loving the wrong things or wrong person.  When we love the wrong person we become the wrong person. Choose to love the people that move us toward God.

‘Do not love the world’ means don’t let the world dictate your values or priorities. This doesn’t mean not to appreciate sunsets or people. Where our heart is, that is where we will go.

If we shift our focus to love God, then our love is no longer held hostage. Since He already loves us, our love is a response to His (rather than trying to love something that can never love back or someone that may never love back).

The current of the world is bitterness, greed, violence, hatred, deception; but the current of faith is forgiveness, generosity, peace, love, and truth.”

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What are some of your favorite insights from this message?  How can we avoid the temptations of the world while still serving and engaging the people around us?

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