Want to Plant a Church in Denver or Seattle?

Two great places to live and plant a church include Denver and Seattle.

My good friend and former college roommate, Joe Beckler, serves with church planters in Denver.  He was recently interviewed for a news segment on a Denver television station.

Another great friend of mine, Gary Irby, oversees church planting in Seattle.  Gary and I worked together to plant a church there in the mid 1990s.

If you are considering a place to plant a church and if you are interested in either of these cities, let me know, and I would be happy to connect you to Joe or Gary!  Also, for information on a great network of church planters and missional pastors, check out www.mosaicalliance.com.

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  • Scott - KingdomsCause (Twitter)

    I actually have been considering the Denver area for a church plant!

  • David

    Denver is a great place to live and there seems to be a spiritual hunger here.

    I go to a Red Rocks church and that ‘plant’ is now five years old and running a thousand plus.

    I can saw that there’s rooom for more!

    “Salt and Light”

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