Proof of Life: Avoid the Counterfeits

This past Sunday at Mosaic, Erwin completed the “Proof of Life” series.  You can listen/watch the entire message at

This Sunday will be the “Proof of Life: Epilogue” with Scott Harrison of Charity:Water as the guest speaker at our Pasadena, Westside, and Mayan gatherings! During this series we’ve donated $10 to Charity:Water on behalf of each first time guest.  As a result, we were able to give over $6000 to build a well in Africa!

Here are some of the higlights:

“We may be here, but we’re not really present. We may exist, but we’re not really alive. We may catch glimpses of what life could be, but they are fleeting.

1 Jn 5:12-21

John repeats the word “life” over and over again. Life is the point! We get lost in the subtext & distractions.

Sometimes we’re just in search of relief.

‘Beware of idols’ is a metaphor. He’s saying ‘beware of the counterfeits.’ These counterfeits will still life from us. A counterfeit is anything we look towards for life that is outside of God.

We all want options in our culture. We all want 31 flavors and 21 choices. Ironically, if we have too many options we end up choosing nothing.

Even spiritually we try to be eclectic & inclusive. John’s not glad Jesus is the only way to find life. We should be so glad there is at least one way to find life!

In our culture what we think is real is fake. If we consume the counterfeit long enough we begin to believe it is real.”

How can we avoid the counterfeits and experience real life?

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