Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-13

  • Video is working now! New blog post: Saving a Life By Not Moving? #
  • Don't let the Hannah Montana bike or Cheetah Girls helmet fool you. She's still my little girl! #ElmoShirt #
  • Trevi climbing trees on our Daddy/Daughter/Doggie Date. Yes, Emma our maltipoo came too. #
  • Some strategic & impactful mtgs with @kvknox, @HankFortener, & earlier the @MosaicLA team. Great days ahead! #
  • New post: "Mohammaed is #1 Baby Name in Britain" #
  • Met @SethGodin & gave him a copy of NotLikeMe since he is a fellow Bald White Guy. Excited to hear him speak at the Drucker School event. #
  • "Fail in ways that don't wipe you out of the game." – @SethGodin #
  • Great mtgs downtown with some great people! Unfortunately I ended up spending $60 for parking for 3 different mtgs. #ShouldHaveUsedTransit #
  • Looking fwd to it! RT @USHSVolunteers: Come volunteer & experience a great event at Thxgiving Dinner in the park! @adjoaskinner @ericbryant #
  • Today's date day with Debbie seems to be like one long progressive dinner. 🙂 #FunDeliciousAndFull #
  • Elements @MosaicLA in Pasadena tonight, 7:30pm. WCIU, Franson Hall. Come for a deep connection with God & others… #
  • RT @TheListLA: Happy Birthday June D'Amour & Jessica Thomas (@pittgirl09) from the entire @MosaicLA @MosaicMayan @SHECommunity family! #
  • RT @Lon: Almost paid for a coffee with chuckecheese money. // What's wrong with that!? 🙂 #
  • Working on the newsletters for @originsproject, Mosaic Alliance, and my site. Look for them on Monday. All have some free resources! #
  • Watching the high school football game between Beverly Hills HS & Culver City HS. Go Madison Moore! #FridayNightLights #
  • Just saw a high school kid kick a 53 yd field goal. Unfortunately, it was for the other team. Culver City 39 vs. Beverly Hills 21 so far… #
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