From 0-18 to 10-0?!

Tom Bergeron of shares the amazing story of the Chino High School football team’s dramatic turnaround.  He writes:

“Let’s get two things straight about Chino (Calif.) High’s amazing turnaround – going from 0-10 to 10-0 in one season.

First, the team really went from 0-18 to 10-0.

‘Two years ago the team won its first two games but then lost the last eight, so we were really facing an 18-game losing streak,’ first-year coach Matt McCain said.

That leads to the second point.

McCain may be the first-year head coach at Chino, but he’s hardly in his first year at the school.

He’s a 1990 grad who returned after playing in college and became a long-time assistant to legendary coach John Monger, who led the team to numerous state titles.

He stepped away from the team four years ago – to spend more time with his three kids – but maintained his role as athletic director at the school.

Last December, he felt it was time to re-establish a once-great program. And he knew he was the man to do it.”

Read the rest of the remarkable story here.

What lessons can we learn from Coach McCain to help us turnaround our organization?

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