We are moving to Austin!

After 12 amazing years in Los Angeles and part of the Mosaic community, we are filled with a mixture of emotions as we’ve accepted a position at a church in Austin.

We are so sad to leave our friends and neighbors in L.A., and we will miss our Mosaic family a great deal. Originally we planned to be in Los Angeles for 6 months, but we fell in love with Mosaic and the people of Los Angeles. We will never be the same as a result of the investment and friendship of so many great people! Through them we have seen courage, wisdom, generosity, faith, hope, and love lived out in such dramatic and amazing ways!

At the same time we are excited to be closer to our extended family as we serve in a city where 85% of the people aren’t connected to a church. Austin has been called the “Third Coast” for its similarities to the West and East Coast along with its film industry and music scene. After 16 years on the West Coast, we are now heading to the “Third Coast.” We will share more about our adventures there in the new year.

I shared more about how this all came about yesterday at a couple of the Mosaic gatherings. You can here the story at www.mosaic.org/podcast in a couple of days.

For now, we appreciate your prayers for a smooth transition from Los Angeles to Austin (as well as for the sale of our house). We plan to finish strong and start well!

Thanks so much for your prayers!  More details soon….

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  • Johnny Laird

    Wow! Amazing news, Eric.

    I’m sure God will have some great things in store for you guys.


  • James Petticrew

    Big changes Eric, praying for you as you face them all

  • Jonathan Blundell

    Austin over Dallas?!

    (probably a better choice) 🙂

    Praying the transition goes smoothly!

  • Elora Ramirez

    Welcome to the Third Coast. 🙂 Austin will be happy to have you!

  • Phil

    Had been planning a driving holiday involving a stop in Austin. Seems like it has to happen now. Hope the transition goes really well.

  • Arthur Hsu

    Welcome to Austin Eric! What church will you be joining here?

  • Jen Butel

    Our family moved from Los Angeles 3 years ago and Austin has really welcomed us. We love it here! If you don’t have a Realtor here yet, I would love to help your family with the transition.

    Warmest Regards,
    Jen Butel

  • Lon

    Wow Eric this is huge! All the best in the transition!

  • Josh Roberts

    Congrats Eric. God’s blessing as you transition.

  • Steve lee

    Praying for your move and the house sale:-) la will not the same without you !!!!

  • PC

    You’re gonna kill it in Austin man! I’m already excited to read here all the things you bring to a new community.

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