Neil Nakamoto: Coaching for Your Community

My good friend and colleague, Neil Nakamoto, will be shifting in 2011 towards full-time coaching. Neil has been a vital part of Mosaic in Los Angeles as part of our paid staff for the past 13 years One of his biggest contributions has been his work coaching leaders and pastors around the world. With frequent stops in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, Neil has effectively coached business leaders, church planters, and non-profit organizations using his training in the Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator, the Birkman Method, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder as well as his experience with helping start Mosaic campuses and Mosaic Alliance churches.

Neil seeks to address an important crisis facing the church. He writes:

“There is a global shortage of communities where followers can engage broken people to find identity, meaning and destiny. There are countless leaders throughout our world committed to see others experience Christ and increase His influence in their cultures. Their desire is to make a difference with their lives, changing the world forever.”

Neil can help you and your community become more effective in your efforts to become a healthy and intentional organization.

Below are some other specific examples where I’ve seen Neil make a profound impact:

• 2004: Neil created a culture focused on maintaining relational stickiness at Mosaic. The CONNECTION tribe has served Mosaic well over the years to infuse a place of welcome and invitation to those who are visitors or outsiders. Neil created the V.E.L.C.R.O. system for assimilating guests. CONNECTION teams now exist at every Mosaic campus.
• 2006: Neil was recruited to become the global liaison for the MOSAIC ALLIANCE. Through this task an international network of relationships was created.
• 2009: The Mosaic South Bay campus launched. Neil assisted in this new venture and became a co-pastor. During the past 18 months, Neil catalyzed and developed the leadership teams to provide an infrastructure (sound, production, connection, community, and so on) that builds spiritual health into the South Bay community.
• 2010: Organized the Mosaic Global Initative events in Germany and Northern Europe.

Contact Neil via email at to find out more about how you can hire him to coach you and/or your leaders from a distance, over a weekend, or over a longer timeframe.

If you’ve ever been to Mosaic in Los Angeles or an event sponsored by Mosaic overseas, you’ve probably had the opportunity to interact with Neil.  If so, what are some of your favorite and/or most powerful moments with Neil?

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  • Nathan

    Neil is fantastic, a mobilizer and an engager — he cares about people and is always focused on how to build new community. Excited that he’s stepping into this new opportunity, and excited for the communities that he’ll be able to serve and inspire.

  • Stephen Hammond

    From the first day I met Neil (6 years ago) to this very day, all this guy has been about is helping others succeed. Very excited to see him stepping into a new realm of service and influence.

    Have fun Neil! (And thanks Eric for posting this)

  • Kyler

    Neil Nakamoto is an invaluable person to any business organization, faith community, non-profit and is a great friend. He has an immense ability to unwrap an individual’s life, strengths, current experience and present them with what their next step could be into an empowered and influential life. Few mentors and life coaches have this ability, and I was amazed at his ability in this arena of individualization. Couple that with his strategic and responsible perspectives, and one can look to concise and succinct advice on personal growth, risk and leadership.

  • Brandon

    The Mosaic community has been immensely blessed the past 13 years to have such a passionate and gifted leader as Neil Nakamoto. His servant heart, energy, and wisdom have been invaluable assets to our community, and he will be sorely missed. His valuable insight into the lives of people, assessing their gifts and talents and helping them better understand their role in God’s world, will have considerable impact wherever he goes. It has been an honor to have the opportunity to serve alongside Neil and see his amazing character at work!

  • June

    Neil has an amazing ability to mobilize and energize a group. Fun to see the seeds he has planted in LA continue to grow as he continues to plant around the world.

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