Beyond US: The Promise & The Pledge

Yesterday was our last day at Mosaic after 12 1/2 years as a volunteer and part of the leadership team. We are going to miss this amazing community. It is rare to move somewhere with high expectations and have those expectations exceeded, but that has been our experience. We love the diversity, creativity, and values of Mosaic, but what shifted our plans from a temporary 6 month timeframe to over a dozen years was the people. We look forward to continuing these relationships and hearing the amazing stories of how God moves in and through the people of Mosaic.

Erwin shared another powerful message (so grateful for the podcasts now more than ever)!  Here are some highlights:

”Not every dream is from God, but if you don’t have a dream you aren’t listening to God.

Too often we don’t see a dream come to pass because we lack the courage to make the sacrifices necessary to do so. Sometimes we face persecution for our dreams. Some people look at us with derision when we begin to live our dreams.

When we ask what is the least we have to do instead of what is the most we can do, we miss out on what’s best.

What is the promises that scare me? What are the pledges that define me?

Don’t confuse outcomes with essence. Outcomes are like losing 30lbs or making more money. Essence is like become more disciplined in issues of health or become a more generous person.

The life God is trying to give us is the one we can give away.

God intervenes in history it was his invitation to get involved & move to action.

What we receive allows us to be more generous.”

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